Professor S. Vera Vector (v_vector) wrote in __lightning__,
Professor S. Vera Vector

Harry, Minerva, Remus, Roger and Vera • Hogwarts • Complete

Something is changing inside of me
colors seem darker in light
and I don't know what that means
but it's not a good sign
Wednesday, November 1 • Morning

The room smelled of smoke. It smelled of smoke, and she had to leave.

Vera didn't pause to get dressed. She walked out to the sitting room, to the fireplace, and opened the bag of Floo powder with shaking fingers.

"Roger? Wake up."

She stood next to his bed, arms wrapped tightly about herself.

"They're back, Roger. We have to go see Minerva. We have to ... we have to do something."
Tags: harry_potter, minerva_mcgonagall, remus_lupin, roger_davies, vera_vector
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