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Finvar and Vera ~ The Land of the Fae and Hogwarts ~ Complete

When the wind whispers your name, listen carefully, for it does so at my bidding.
Tuesday, October 31st ~ Late Evening

Patience had ever been his, and on this night - Samhain - it rewarded Finvar handsomely. A tiny crack in the spells placed on the tree by the mortals had been coaxed to widen a bit more. Not nearly enough to send anyone through, it would take much more patience on Finvar's part to accomplish that portion of his task, but enough for now. He called forth the first of many white winter roses he would send to his Rhoswen in memory of a promise he'd made. His lips curled in a cruel smile as he remembered the last time he'd seen her.

"Do not forget me, my Rhoswen," he whispered to the rose before he sent it through the crack and toward her bedchamber. "You will again be mine and we shall 'dance' from dusk to dawn."

A final flick of his finger sent the frosty rose through the fracture and on to the mortal realm. Finvar sat back with a satisfied smile on his face before rising and heading toward the palace. The Queen would be pleased.
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