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Colin, Myrtle, Peeves, Izabel and Sprout ~ Hogwarts ~ Complete

Death is way more fun with bubbles, that's what I say.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, mostly every day.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, Myrtle likes to play.
Death is way more fun with bubbles, when they melt away.
Prefects are freakin hot in any season,
You know they call me Moaning Myrtle for a reason.

~ The Moaning Myrtles (Prefects Are Hot)

Sunday, September 24th ~ Evening

Who would have thought children could be so... unmanageable. Colin had been aware that certain students had been out after curfew and all that during his school years, he'd done his share of DA things, too. But he'd never stopped to consider how much of a pain in the arse that might have caused for the staff. With Vector and Davies gone, Colin had stupidly volunteered to take an extra few rounds making sure the kiddies were all tucked into bed and the halls were quiet.

The little... darlings were everywhere. Colin hoped there was a set of identical twin boys in hufflepuff, otherwise there was a young man who had scheduled way to many illicit rendezvous for one night. I should have asked for his first name. Both times.

Thank God there were classes tomorrow and the potential homework to keep them busy and out of hidden alcoves where he might accidentally stumble across them. And be scarred for life. I know I sure has heck didn't do that when I was a kid.

He carried the glass of milk and plate of sliced fruit that a rather nice house-elf had fetched for him to his bathroom and set both on stool next to the tub. The elf had offered to draw him a bath earlier and Colin had eagerly agreed, more than a little frazzled after his first week of being a staff member. The classes themselves weren't too bad, at least he figured they wouldn't be once he got over being redfaced every time he had to answer a question and the way he got overly excited and started speaking very quickly until he'd manage to realize he'd lost the entire class with his explanation.

There were bubbles in the tub, but not girlie rose scented bubbles. Sandalwood, maybe?

With a sigh, he settled into the warm water, surrounded by iridescent bubbles. Colin reached for a slice of melon and leaned back, closing his eyes and humming some song that one of the students had been singing in the halls.
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