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Lucius & Bella ~Malfoy Manor ~Complete

Someone's Been Sneaking Into the Cookie Jar
Sunday, September 24, Afternoon

It was quiet, almost too quiet, and Lucius found himself starting at shadows as he walked through the long hall toward his office. Sneering at his reaction, he shook off the lingering memories; hours, nights, of silence, the sound of his own breathing the only noise in that dismal dark cell the first years in Azkaban.

The sky outside was gray, threatening rain, and the lamps flared as he entered the large chamber, his step purposeful as he approached his chair. The lazy Sunday afforded him the opportunity to do something he'd longed to do since arriving back at the manor.

Speaking the words to the spell to open the hidden door, Lucius eyes glittered with anticpation as he entered the damp, dusky hallway, his boots making barely a sound on the stone floor. Dust rose in his wake, assuring him that no one had been down here for awhile or had they? In places he could swear he saw shadowed places made by a shoe.

The dungeons were located off this hidden hallway, yet he doubted anyone would have found the entrance on that end. Narcissa knew of this place and he assumed she would have been the only one that would have ventured here.

Another incantation and a door was revealed. With an almost loving caress, Lucius opened the door, a sly smile gracing his face as he saw the objects still within.
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