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The Thief Does Not Come in the Front Door
Tuesday, September 5th ~ Late Afternoon

Sitting behind the large desk, Lucius sipped the brandy, reflecting over his accomplishments of the day. Some would say lack of accomplishment since his attempt to garner the Minister's favor was unsuccessful, but he'd learn much about Scrimgeour today. That was a first step.

Unlike his predecessor, Scrimgeour was not impressed with a hefty donation to the Ministry. In fact, he'd turned it down suggesting that Lucius donated to a worthy charity instead. Scrimgeour may have been dismissive toward him but the Undersecretary was not. There were many ways to an end.
Throwing her gloves and purse toward an elf, Narcissa paused to check her appearance in a mirror before heading toward Lucius' study when informed that's where he was. She'd been called to attend a Board of Governors meeting after they received the owl from Minerva.

Muggles Studies. A totally unnecessary expenditure.

Sweeping into his study, Narcissa sent him a indulgent smile.

"How was your morning, dear?"
Lucius gaze swept over her and he offered her his own wry smile as he stood.

"Very uneventful, darling," he said silkily, walking around the desk. He went over to her and brushed his lips over her cheek. "I'm positive that my day was not as interesting as yours. Tell me, how did things progress at the meeting? Another boring hour of drudgery over budgets?"

Her eyebrows rose slightly and she moved to get a glass of wine.

"No. Actually we had a very lively discussion on the merits of finding a new Muggles Studies professor for Hogwarts. It seems the last one died," she said in a tone of someone very put out. "I don't see why we need to fill the position myself. It's a totally useless course. It would save quite a bit in the budget that could be used for other things."
He would have liked to have been in on that discussion and he felt a flicker of annoyance mingled with pride that his wife had been the one to voice the matter.

"It is a senseless use of the funding. Understanding Muggles. Really. The students can learn as much as they need to know about them in the class dealing with animals. Although that may be demeaning the magical creatures," he drawled.
A light laugh followed his words as Narcissa moved to sit in a chair.

"That's not exactly the attitude I ran into I'm afraid," she said with a sigh as she crossed her legs.

"It was decided to fill the position by a vote of eleven to one. I was the lone nay vote on the whole blasted issue. Well, there was that one little twerp in the corner, but he soon caved under the pressure from the others," she advised with a note of disgust in her voice.
Pausing with the snifter halfway to his lips, Lucius' countenance grew stony. Slowly he set the glass aside, his gray eyes growing stormy. She'd went to Severus, made an Unbreakable Vow with him to save Draco. The revelation struck him in the gut as physically as if someone had thrown a punch.

"'My Lord'," he said waspishly. "How ironic. I believed that you too agreed with the Dark Lord's vision at the time, Narcissa."

He pushed off the desk, stepping forward to stand over her, his nostrils flaring ever so slightly. "You blame me, don't you? That my 'failure'," the word was spoken with a angry edge, anger that she had mentioned it, "Caused you to make such a decision."
A ladylike snort came out of Narcissa's mouth.

"When did you actually ask my opinion of your Dark Lord's vision? I didn't disagree with it and since it was expected that I share it, I never voiced my opinion on his methods."

Turning around, she picked up her wine glass and drained it.

"As far as your failure, that was also his view. You weren't here and I wasn't about to lose Draco to his - insanity as I had you. I did what I had to in order to keep him alive," she advised with a calm expression on her face. "No, Lucius. I don't blame you because I'd do it again - even if you had been here."
His hand shot out and gripped her upper arm, turning her fully to him, his eyes searching her face. "You didn't agree with the Cause? None of it?" he asked, his jaw setting. "Then what of me, wife? I would do it again, willingly, perhaps with a measure of caution, but I believe in the purity of the race."
Narcissa rolled her eyes briefly.

"Some day perhaps you will actually listen to what I've said before you pounce, Lucius," Narcissa said with a large dose of sarcasm in her voice before pulling her arm out of his grasp. "I didn't say I disagreed with it, but you wouldn't know that would you since you never asked before. I said I disagreed with his insane methods."
Irritated at her tone and for pulling away, and at himself for not hearing everything she'd said, his own feelings of betrayal about not agreeing with Voldemort convicting him, Lucius reached for her again, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her flush against him as he whirled them around, backing her up into the desk. A slow smirk grew on his face as he traced a finger over her jaw with his free hand.

"I am asking now, Cissa," he said silkily, his face lowering until his breath whispered over her lips. "And have my answer."
Another slap to her arse was his first reply and he chuckled darkly, hearing the unspoken delight in her tone, the need behind her words. "I know well you are not a child, Cissa," he remarked, his voice heavy with lust as his fingers found her cunt once more, her wetness making him growl.

He positioned himself at her entrance, pushing in just a fraction as he leaned over her, nipping sharply on a spot just below her neck. "Surrender, tell me you want this," he demanded. "Tell me you want me to fuck you."
The words he wanted trembled on her lips as her hips pushed back against him, trying to bring him deeper, but she couldn't give in, not just yet.

"Surrender?" she hissed while shivering slightly at the nip on her neck and the hot breath that flowed over her skin. "Why, Lucius? So we can rut like animals on your desk? Every time you sit down, you'll remember taking me here."

She wanted him in her, thrusting hard, hard enough to bruise her hips against the side of the desk if necessary. The mental image sent another shiver through her and her hips moved back against him.

"Every time you 'entertain' someone, the image of me face down on your desk while you pound into me will be there. I know you want it as much as I do, my husband. So I'll give you the words. I surrender. Fuck me, Lucius. Fuck me so hard the memory is branded upon both of us forever."
With a guttural growl, his blood rushed through him like fire at her speech, knowing he was surrendering as much as she was, giving them both what they wanted. He would indeed see her on his desk, remember well this moment as he slammed into her hard enough to send her sliding on the smooth wood. Only his hand on her back kept her from going to far and he pulled almost out of her, thrusting in hard once more.

His hand left her back to twist in her hair, pulling her head back, his other hand gripping her hip painfully, bruising the ivory skin.

The brief, startled cry of pain was soon lost in the harsh breathing that came out of her mouth as her body welcomed the almost brutal invasion. Narcissa's hips were moving back as hard as she was able in the restricted position, torso raised slightly off the desk with her back bowed to try and lessen the tension on the hair.
His mouth moved across her shoulders as he pounded into her, her harsh breathing and soft moans spurring him on, his own breathing labored. Muttering against her skin, his speech grew vulgar, shocking and was reward by the rush of wetness encasing his cock, her silken walls constricting around him.

"You like this, don't you...pet?" he rasped in her ear, nipping the delicate lobe sharply as he tugged her head back further.