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Gabrielle and Fleur ~ Fleur's Flat ~ Incomplete

It's Not Official Until You're Huddled In The Corner Eating Your Hair.
Thursday, August 17th ~ Evening

Gabrielle knocked and eyed the door in front of her not unlike the way one would view a wild creature. Not that she was afraid of her sister - but well she didn't really want to go in but according to the letter she had found waiting for her when she had returned from her conveniently timed buying trip - not that she was avoiding the issue but she totally was - she really needed to find out what was going on. She'd left her bags - and the obnoxiously large basket of biscuits she'd found for Bill laying on the floor and it really was a good thing she'd never gotten a pet other than her owl and she was fairly certain he wouldn't eat them - upon reading Bill's letter. Apparently her sister had gotten involved with the Fae - AKA, according to Luna "The Bad People" - and had nearly been taken along with the ones they did take?

It was a bit confusing.

So much for her plans of dinner and a bath.
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