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Bill, Dung, Roger, Harry and Remus -- Hogwarts -- Complete

How gullible do I look? Don't answer that.
Wednesday, August 16th -- Evening

It had taken a day or two, but Bill had figured out what it was about Fletcher's coin that was setting off Griphook's internal alarms. The residual magic on the gold was not wizard in origin, it was Fae.

The next question was how did Fletcher end up with a Fae tainted coin, much less a bag full of them. Luckily, Fletcher had been kind enough to leave his contact information with Griphook and when Bill had shown up at his room he had been most cooperative about coming along.

Bill hadn't even had to use the angry face.

Owls had been sent out to interested parties, asking them to meet at Hogwarts. He knocked on the door to Remus' quarters, one hand firmly on Fletcher's arm.
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