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Mundungus Fletcher

Dung, Griphook and Bill -- Gringott's -- Complete

Goblins. The whole lot are bloody wankers, they are.
Monday, August 14th -- Afternoon

Dung stared at the goblin behind the counter, dumbfounded. He had a bag full of gold coins that had been carefully hidden until he was sure no one would connect his sudden windfall with the wishing well, scamming just enough to get by until he could risk spending the galleons. The longer he'd kept the bag hidden under his mattress, the more convinced he'd become that someone - some thief - would take it, which is why he wanted to deposit it in the vaults of Gringott's.

But this pissy ass goblin wouldn't let him.

"Look, Grubblyhick, I ain't tryin' ter take gold out, I wants ta put it in."

"As I have told you repeatedly, Mister Fletcher," the goblin spoke in a cultured, if high-pitched, voice. "My name is Griphook, and I am aware of what you want."

Sharp-nailed hands dug through the open bag before plucking out a single coin and holding it up to the light. "There is something - unusual about this gold." And then, almost as if he was speaking to himself, the goblin whispered, "Most unusual."

Dung tried to snatch the coin back and failed when Griphook pulled it closer. "Give't back then, and let me me take me money elsewheres if you don't want ter take it."

"I never said Gringott's wouldn't accept it, Mister Fletcher. I said that it would need to be examined by one of our staff to ensure that it is - acceptable," Griphook smiled with a mouth full of sharp teeth, and closed his fist around the coin. "I trust you will not object to these terms?"

Grumbling under his breath, Dung shook his head. "Do I 'ave a choice?"
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