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Ginny, Owls to the Weasley Family, and any other various well wishers ~ Snape's Cottage ~ Incomplete

“I'm lost in the middle of my birthday.
I want my friends, their touch, with the earth's last love.
I will take life's final offering,
I will take the last human blessing.”
~Rabindranath Tagore
Friday, August 11th ~ Morning

She was rarely left alone and grateful for it. Alone meant worry and thoughts and that still unsettling feeling that part of her, something untouched by Finvar, had wanted to leave with the Fae that night. It was that same part of her that had convinced her that Paris was a good idea, that anywhere but 'home' was a better place to be. It appeared in doubt and stress, when life took a dip out of happy and pleasant and Ginny felt weak for it.

She was rarely left alone to guard against any possible attempts from Finvar to call her again, but Ginny was grateful for the protection from herself as well.

On Friday morning she woke up with an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was forgetting something. Something she shouldn't be forgetting. It was something more than waking up in a bed other than hers. Her flat was still...not right, not yet. She had yet to go back there since. Between nights at Severus's cottage and days at Harry's, there was no need.

Things fell into place about the time she was pulling a jumper over her head, one her Mum had knitted for her on her last...

"Bugger me." The other curses and swears were muffled as the jumper was pulled down over her mouth. She dashed over to the bed, pulling her satchel up next to her as she sat. Pulling out some parchment and a quill, she jotted a quick note. Her friends she could put off, if they'd even remembered with everything that was going on. Severus probably didn't even know what day it was, and if she was quick while he was still in the shower, he wouldn't find out. But, her family...they would have to understand. There were more important things than a birthday. More important things - like Draco.

Her quill stopped short at the end of the note, creating a pool of ink where she paused.

Blondie...we had plans, didn't we? Shopping and expensive wine with pretty boys to serve it. Just you and me...

Ginny reached into the bag nestled next to her once again, fingers finding the diamond collar easily then wandering to the smooth round tag attached to it. She could feel the grooves of the etching under the pad of her thumb. She didn't need to look at it to know what it said,'Property of Draco Malfoy'. Normally, it would have made her smile, today it brought a frown.

Signing the note and quickly making copies, she crossed the room to Picasso's traveling cage and attached the pieces of parchment to the owl's foot before releasing him from his cage and out the window. "Sorry boy, you'll be getting some exercise in today. Blame Mum and Dad...too many kids."

There would be no parties, no gifts, nothing in honour of the day of her birth. Even without the things that were more important, Ginny wasn't in the mood for celebrating.
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