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Finvar, Maev and Vera || The Palace of the Winter Court || Complete

She had an horror of rooms she was tired you can't hide beat
When I looked in her eyes they were blue but nobody home
Friday, August 11 || Night

The biggest change was all the commotion.

There was always something happening, even in what should have been the dead of night. Singing, dancing, partying — the nymphs pranced, trollwights bellowed with laughter and demanded more food from the kitchens.

Though in truth disinclined to join in, nevertheless she did attend the festivities each night. It would be rude not to, and besides, she did enjoy sitting and listening — even if her reticence to do much more than smile did spawn whispers that one of the new Court members was as cold as the wind whipping around the palace spires.

Untrue, as the King well knew.

Still, she would not change her ways just to suit some nittering sprites. What had suited her in a lonely cottage in the Northern wastes — defended well by only her arts, over all the long years — might well be inappropriate here, but the Court would simply have to adjust to her as much as she adjusted to the Court.

More importantly, the reason she'd been persuaded to join them here in the first place was beginning to show promise. Her studies had been vexing her for the past couple of days — the Queen wanted protection of her borders. Sensible, to be sure, but the land was different this far south and Rhoswen's normal method of setting up barriers was not working at all. In fact, if she thought about it over much, her head began to ache and swim — and so she'd made very little progress.

Today, however, had been a breakthrough.

The Queen had shown Rhoswen the palace's Sculpture Garden — which was in fact nothing but an aboveground dungeon, filled with the frozen forms of those fae who had displeased Maev.

Such power, standing useless. The solution had hit her with all the force of a blow, and only now was she ready to leave her work and join the rest of the Court in its nightly revels.
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