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Various Cast -- Bill and Charlie's cottage -- Complete

Everything has gone topsy-turvy.
August 8th -- Mid-morning

Nothing like being woken up at the arse-crack of dawn by a temperamental demon owl and a letter from Snape. Snape of all people. He's lucky the owl made it out in one piece after the bastard tried to bite Bill's thumb.

"Wanker." At this point Bill wasn't sure if he was talking about the damn owl or Snape.

The letter had woken him right up. Someone had been messing with his sister's head and that was just not done. No one messed with his family and walked away with all bits intact, no way and no how.

Snape had said he had sent owls to Remus and Harry as well (or, in as he called them, Lupin and Potter), asking them to meet at Bill's because the castle may already be compromised and something about Snape's being the first place someone might go looking for Gin. Bill suspected the real reason was Snape just didn't want a bunch of people rummaging through his stuff, but he wasn't about to argue at the moment.

Which left Bill rushing around to clean up the debris from last night's dinner with Charlie and promising his brother that he'd fill the man in if anything important came up and that it was best for Charlie to go on to work lest Mum and Dad get suspicious that something is wrong with one of their young. It was like they had some sort of radar about things like that, any misstep and Molly Weasley would be pounding on the door demanding to know who was hurt or upset and insisting on cleaning everything in sight. Snape said he was going to Malfoy's first, to wake the blond git up because he wasn't answering any of Snape's owls, and he'd be at the cottage shortly.

Now it was just a matter of time before the others arrived.

That thought had his eyes widening in horror and Bill ran off down the short hallway to the bathroom, racing to scoop up armful's of dirty laundry that were piled on the floor around the over flowing hamper and shove them through the doorway of his room. Time enough to sort his clothes from Charlie's later when there weren't guests on the way.
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