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Harry and Fleur ~ Hogsmeade Village ~ Complete

Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.

Monday, August 7 ~ Late Evening

The nearly full moon illuminated the village of Hogsmeade casting a somewhat eery glow over the buildings and the slim figure of a silvery blonde walking the streets. Her eyes were blank, and her face empty save for the soft smile on her lips. She hummed softly as her heels clicked steadily against the pavement, and somewhere behind her the briefcase she had dropped outside her home fell over under the breeze, forgotten. There was nothing more important than getting to Hogwarts to visit the high King and Queen of the Fae.

Her King and Queen.

Why am I going to see the fae again?"

"Well why shouldn't I? To be sure zey are pleasant enough, and zey 'ave given me such a wonderful gift. And..."

But its the middle of the night, Fleur.

"What does zat 'ave to do with anyzzing when one feels ze desire to visit an esteemed friend?"

She stopped on the corner of the street to look behind her; even as her body urged her to go forward somewhere inside her mind a warning told her that something was seriously wrong with the entire scene playing out before her.

But as her feet moved forward she was still headed up the path that led to the old castle.
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