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Harry and Daphne ~*~ Glen Hollow ~*~ MA ~*~ Complete

I feel this rhythm draw me
But will I get my way
Your body slides beneath me
"Keep talking" I'll say
~ Texas, Telephone X

Monday, July 31st ~*~ Late Afternoon

Remus and Harry had gone to London for lunch, giving Daphne time to sneak back to Glen Hollow with Izabel's help. It had been difficult for Daphne to say goodbye that morning when Harry dropped her off at her flat, just like most Monday mornings, but she hadn't wanted to ruin her surprise.

Rather than going to work that afternoon, Daphne had packed for a week away and made sure that dear, sweet Becky knew what to do in case of an emergency. Or another visit by the Faeries.

Now that she was here, Daphne was nervous. She hadn't even unpacked her bag, because she didn't want Harry to think she just assumed it would be okay to move in, even for a week. It was a bit like when she first started spending Sunday nights here, when Harry still left her at the spare bedroom door with only a good night kiss, and even though she knew the odds were that she'd be staying Daphne still refused to pack a nightgown or a toothbrush because that would have made it seem just a little too... something.

Silly, maybe. But true, nevertheless.

To take her mind off her nerves, Daphne rearranged herself once more. In theory the idea of presenting herself like some sort of present had been romantic and sexy. In practice, she felt a little silly. And cold.

It probably did not help that she didn't actually know when Harry would be coming home, or even when he'd decide to wander back up to his room. She'd give him a bit longer and then change and see if Izabel wanted to watch a movie on the telly.

Just a bit longer, Daphne thought with a yawn, the excitement of the sneaking around and all the worrying finally catching up to her as she cuddled up against one of his pillows. She fell asleep, surrounded by the faint scent of Harry, with a smile on her lips.
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