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Roger Davies

Roger and Vera ~ Hogwarts to London ~ Complete

Once Your Heart's Involved, It All Comes Out In Moron
Sunday, July 30th ~ Evening

Roger was nervous. He knew he really shouldn't be, somehow he doubted Vera would refuse to see him if he picked up the wrong utensil at dinner, but there it was.

The fact that at least some of their fellow castle dwellers seemed interested in the proceedings wasn't helping.

Pomona Sprout had snuck into the staff lounge, giving Roger pause and a slight bit of panic as she cornered him - wondering if the jesting about the ice sculptures hadn't been quite as amusing as it had seemed. When she had withdrawn a massive bouquet of flowers and pushed them at him for Vera he had smiled and given her a kiss on the cheek - but then she had started gushing about the romance of it all and he had felt like a kid going on his first date.

With his co-worker watching.

So no pressure then.

Stopping before the door to Vera's quarters, Roger made sure his tie was straight, the flowers were front and center and knocked.
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