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Man is an animal which, alone among the animals, refuses to be satisfied by the fulfillment of animal desires. ~Alexander A. Bogomoletz
Saturday, July 29, Wee hours of the morning

"I think that went rather well considering the company," Lucius remarked with a smirk as they entered the elegant bedchamber, the lamps flaring on with their entrance.

The room was as he remembered, a bedroom fit for the Master and Mistress of the estate. She'd redecorated at some point yet the ambiance was the same.

Turning to Narcissa, he took her hand, bringing it to his lips. "Our son has fared well. That I must give you credit for and my thanks, my dear."
Studying Lucius' face as he kissed her hand, Narcissa knew that the next time they spoke of Draco the conversation might not be as pleasant. However it would go, now was not the time to tell tales of Draco's exploits. Lucius was her son's father true, but he was first and foremost her husband. The husband she hadn't been with for over ten years. Narcissa's free hand went up to stroke the side of his face and she smiled, belying the tenseness in her frame.

"As fascinating as I find the subject of our son, I'm afraid that isn't what weighs on my mind at the moment. I want you to know, aside from some light seduction applied when needed - I haven't been with anyone else."
His face was carefully schooled although a pleased light glimmered in his eyes. "I am delighted to hear that, darling," he said silkily, running his fingers of his free hand over the slender column of her neck. He'd thought that perhaps Severus...

"I knew you would not disappoint me, although I'm sure you were tempted. You are a beautiful woman, Narcissa, and such beauty needs fed." The soft skin beneath his questing fingers trembled ever so slightly and his lips curved. "No longer will you go hungry."
Her chin rose slightly even as she relished his touch and Narcissa met his eyes squarely.

"Tempted? When one has been the wife of Lucius Malfoy?" she asked with a trace of humor in her voice. "I'm pleased you still have a sense of humor, my husband."

She paused for only a moment and added, "There was only one who might have led me astray if he'd pressed, but he was honorable and kept his word to help protect me and our son from those that would harm either of us."

Narcissa didn't say his name, for there right now - in their bedchamber only they existed. Running her hands up behind his neck, under the soft hair she loved to touch, Narcissa leaned into him at last with some of the tenseness leaving.

"Welcome home, my love," she whispered against his jaw before nipping his earlobe lightly. "I have missed you so badly."
"And I have missed my clever wife," he chuckled, a note of huskiness in his tone as he slid his arms around her waist, noting with pride that it was still as trim as when he'd first met her.

A spark of fire flared into his veins at her touch and he knew that self control wouldn't be necessary tonight. He pulled back just enough to stare down into her face a moment before his mouth covered hers in a demanding, claiming kiss.
He took her breath away, just like he'd always done and would do forever. Narcissa's lips parted under his as the questions inside quieted and allowed her to totally relax against him.

Her fingers moved to untie the cravat at his neck, seeking the warmth of the skin underneath. The Narcissa of old would never have presumed to take the initive, but this Narcissa had been denied him for too long to play coy.

Any nervousness that dared to linger was pushed aside, as her hands found the skin she sought. Daring to break the kiss plundering her mouth, Narcissa's lips moved to taste first his neck and then the chest she was slowly uncovering. Small nips accompanied the kisses, her eyes closed breathing in his scent.
He was mildly caught off guard as she took the lead, something she rarely did in their years of marriage, and for a brief moment he wondered if she'd been completely truthful in her admission. The notion was dismissed, the thoughts of what once was completely giving over to the here and now. He would allow her to do anything she would; he had missed her, missed the soft touch that only she could give. A low sound of approval vibrated in his throat, his breathing growing a bit deeper as she nipped his skin.

His hands slid over her back, the fine silk of her garment bunching beneath them, reacquainting himself with the curves that lay beneath when they last settled on the swell of her bum, pressing her closer to him.
Finally getting the shirt off his shoulders Narcissa's hands slid over their width and down a small way on his arms when she felt his erection pressing into her stomach through their clothes. Looking up at him with a teasing light in her eyes, Narcissa smiled.

"For too many years I've undressed myself while alone in our bedchamber wishing you were here to do it for me," she advised with a tilt to her chin, a small challenge to the angle. "Do I have to do it yet again this evening?"
"Impertinent witch," he growled softly, his eyes darkening with the sheen of growing lust as she slid her hands over him, his skin drinking in the touch.

His lips sought her cheek, blazing a trail to the delicate lobe of her ear. "Shall I remove them from you as a genteel man or tear then away in my haste to have you?" he asked, his breath heavy as he nipped sharply on her lobe, his hands moving up the front of her gown, cupping her breasts, his thumbs playing over her nipples through the fabric, feeling the peaks grow hard beneath.
He sensed her nervousness before he asked and it only served to help dispel any lingering doubts he had. "And I want you," he admitted, his words muffled as his mouth caressed the valley between her breasts, his hands sliding down her sides, over the silk of her thighs to finger the elastic of her knickers.

It would be over with far too quickly for her pleasure if he gave into the base urge to just tear the last remaining garment from her and plunge into her wet heat and wanted more for her, for himself.

His mouth traveled down her stomach, his body moving backward on the bed until his lips brushed over the top of her undergarment. Lucius slowly rolled the elastic down, a low groan rumbling in his chest when she was at last fully nude beneath him.
Narcissa's tongue flicked out and moistened suddenly dry lips as she watched him move down her body. The slight lift to her hips needed to assist him in removing the last of her clothing was accomplished with a minimum of fuss, but the noise he made - it took the breath entering her lungs and turned it into a hesitating whimper. Her hands touched his hair and down to the shoulders it hid.

"You're really here," she whispered softly.
Lucius chuckled throatily, his fingers now plying the soft folds of her sex. He lifted his head to watch her expression as his fingers slid over her slit, finding her honeyed and bringing the moisture up to her clit.

"You will have no question that I am really here soon, wife," he remarked slyly, his thumb rubbing firmly over her bundle of nerves as he pushed one finger into her welcoming cunt.
Narcissa's thighs tried to tighten instinctively at the intrusion even as her lips parted with a gasp at the flood of sensations that had been absent for so long. Forcing herself to relax again, she eased up on her elbows to watch his hand play with her.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked with a breathy note in her voice while tightening her inner muscles around his finger.
"To be able to touch my wife is immense enjoyment," Lucius said huskily, his finger curling within her, pleased to hear the tone of her voice.

He met her eyes and smiled devilishly. "To taste her..." Slowly his mouth moved to cover her sex, his tongue replacing his thumb on her nub.
"Oh, gods," was whispered weakly as Narcissa's head fell back when his mouth moved to touch her. Whatever nervousness she had left was swiftly being trounced by the desire he was fanning. Unconsciously her thighs widened and Narcissa allowed her torso to sink back against the bed as the need to lift her hips toward him overrode the urge to see him suckle her flesh.

"Yesss," hissed out on the air and fell between them.
Though it had been many years, Lucius remembered well what could make her writhe beneath him. Alternating between light flicks to rough sucking motions, his own lust was becoming blinding from the scent of her, the sounds she was making, the wetness coating his fingers.

With a growl of impatience, he tore his mouth from her, his fingers still working in her flesh as he rose up, reaching down to open his trousers. "Tell me you want me," he demanded, a strain in his tone as he release his hardness from its confinements.