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The Court of the Most High King and Queen of Fae

Aeval and Bill || Hogsmeade || Complete

Tempt not a desperate man.
~ Shakespeare

Wednesday, July 26th || Afternoon

There were children in the village. Aeval liked to sneak away from the tents and walk through the streets of the village, smiling and speaking to the children. They seemed to be fascinated with the stories she told, the little tricks of light and sound, and the Unseen which brought trinkets and tokens. Aeval was equally fascinated by them.

It was extremely rare for Aeval to remember the time before she'd joined the Fae. Those memories only seemed to return once in a blue moon, and then only as vague wisps of recollection that faded with the first breeze. But since they'd journeyed to the Mortal Lands, these ancient memories had begun to seep into her thoughts more and more often.

Once, she had wanted a child of her own, that had come to her in the middle of the night several days ago. There had been a man - her husband? - and Aeval had not wanted to be tied to him any more than their marriage contract had already bound her; therefore, there had never been a child.

On this day Aeval had spent the last few hours in a park, sitting on the grass and being entertained by a small group of girls. Hair had been braided, of course, and the young ones were considering returning home for their afternoon meal.

A large ginger haired man approached and before Aeval could speak the girls had scattered. She saw the briefest flash of want and sorrow on his damaged face before it turned blank and somber, and Aeval felt her heart ache for him.
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