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Lucius and Narcissa ~ Ministry Holding Facility ~ Complete

Don't confuse fame with success.
Madonna is one.
Helen Keller is the other.
~ Erma Bombeck
Monday, July 24th ~ Morning

After the very interesting and enlightening conversation with Severus the week before, Narcissa had assigned several of her more intelligent minions to look into what the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures actually did. She hadn't received any information back as of yet, but in such matters she was patient.

Glancing around the structure that currently held her husband, Narcissa acknowledged that it was far better than Azkaban, but still was well below the standards set for a Malfoy.

And now I shall learn if my parcels were sent on - or if I need to do a little judicious weeding in the solicitors firm.

This was the first time Narcissa had been able to get permission from those holding the reins to see Lucius since Azkaban. Since that visit, nor the one she'd made to Bella, had never officially 'happened' Narcissa needed to keep in mind the proper response for a wife who hadn't seen her husband in ten long years. In case they were observed, which wouldn't surprise her at all because it would be what she would do herself.

Entering and giving her name at the shoddy little desk that stood inside the front door, she was shown to a room that was adequate.


It contained a table and two chairs seated across from each other and nothing else. The buffoon who showed her inside didn't seat her and merely closed the door behind him. An arched brow followed his departure as Narcissa turned to approach one of the chairs. The surface was inspected closely before she finally sat down.
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