William Weasley (broken_weasley) wrote in __lightning__,
William Weasley

Bill and Fleur -- Her flat -- Complete

Uncomfortable reunion, take two.
Saturday, July 22 -- Early Afternoon

It had been harder than he'd expected to figure out where Fleur was staying. Somehow he'd just sort of thought that information would be obvious once he went looking for it, but it's not as if he could have asked Gabby or Dad - who knew what insane theory Arthur would have come up with - and sending an owl to Fleur's mother...

Bill shuddered at the thought.

He'd found the address all on his own, thank you very much. Arthur wasn't the only one with contacts in the Ministry. It had just taken a bit longer than he'd hoped.

Which is why he found himself standing outside the door to her flat on a Saturday afternoon, wishing he could be anywhere else. Bill let out a deep breath and knocked.
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