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Ginevra and Finvar ~ Her Flat ~ MA ~ Complete

There's such a sad love,
Deep in your eyes.
A kind of pale jewel,
Open and closed,
Within your eyes.
I'll place the sky
Within your eyes.
~ As The World Falls Down ~ Labyrinth
Saturday, July 15th ~ Early Morning.

Ginevra had been his twice more since the first bonding. Each time left him eager for more and reluctant to leave her side. Duties and assisting in setting the snares for those they had chosen had taken more than time from him. It had taken the delights found in Ginevra's arms.

A crystal rose had flown one day to let her know he had not forsaken her. A bottle of icewine on another day with a promise he had fulfilled that night to help her drink it. A soft summer gown made with elements of the plants in the Fae world was tucked under his arm as he left the encampment en route to her abode. It covered the wearer fully, but gave them the feeling of wearing nothing at all.

The green hues contained in the garment will pay homage to her skin and hair, Finvar decided as he appeared before her door. Trying to adhere to some of the 'standards' accepted by the mortals, he knocked rather than just enter. When his summons did not garner a response, Finvar's brow rose.

If she is absent, I will leave this on her bed and she will know, he reasoned as he slipped the lock and entered. All was quiet and he headed unerringly toward the bed chamber. The sight there made him smile. The parcel was left on a chair near the portal. Two steps into the chamber found the King bereft of clothing. Three found him sliding into the warmth of the bed that contained her. His arms slid around her as his mouth found her neck.

"Ginevra," was breathed against the skin before it was kissed and tasted.
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