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William Weasley

Bill -- The Cabin -- Complete

Will it ever get easier?
Friday, July 14th -- Late Evening

Another moon, come and gone. I'm still not sure how I manage to hang on to my job. Much less keep my family from disowning me.

Bill groaned and rubbed some more of Poppy's salve into his joints. He could hear them creak. Getting old before my time. He'd tried to explain the feeling to someone once; how it was like when you need to pop your neck, that pressure building up until it is stiff and painful and then multiplying it a hundredfold. But there is nothing to pop, no release. Nothing to relieve the pressure because Bill's body was never, ever going to make the change.

Then there was the mess with Fleur and Gabby. Shit. I don't even know how I got myself into that.

He knew he should probably go talk to one or both of them. Find out what the hell was going on in nice small, easy to understand terms so there was no chance he would misunderstand. But that would mean seeing them face to face and right now Bill wasn't in the mood.

I never even got my damn biscuits!

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