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Daphne Diane (Greengrass) Potter

Daphne, Vera and Izabel ~*~ Un Peu de Ciel ~*~ Complete

The most powerful force in the universe is gossip.
- Dave Barry

Friday, July 14th ~*~ Early Evening

She'd left instructions with Becky that even though she was in the building for dinner, Daphne was not to be disturbed. Unless something blew up, or someone. Otherwise, no bothering the boss, who wanted to spend the evening with her friends being pampered.

Briefly she had considered using the small table in the kitchen for dinner this evening, but it would cause an extra strain on the waitstaff and Daphne would have been up and down all the whole meal checking on things. Instead she settled on a nice roomy table in the back where they could giggle to their drunken heart's content.

Daphne was the first to arrive - which wasn't hard to imagine considering she only had to leave her office to reach the table - and she ordered a bottle of wine while she waited for the others.
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