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Maev, Roger and Vera • The Faerie Camp • Complete

She wrote this message for me upon the sands — the sands of vision — "Be careful, and do not seek to know too much about us."
Wednesday, July 12 • Afternoon

Invisible guides had led them to the largest tent in the encampment, an elaborate arrangement of silks and goldcloth.

Vector vaguely wished she could remember more of the thousand little etiquette rules that had been so important to her Auntie Miriam, who had tried to get all of her sister's children to attend deportment classes in the summer with a special tutor. She always had been a bit of a social climber.

Vera had always had a ready-made excuse in maths and science camps, and if she had also used "summer study for Hogwarts" as a back-up plan as needed ... well, they were Muggles. They didn't know any different.

Still. It might have been useful after all to know when exactly to curtsey or exactly how low or ... whatever foolish rules they had about such things. Auntie would be so ashamed of me.

On the other hand, all those rules were dealing for mortal royalty, and the faeries had been rude to them first, and Auntie Miriam could go stick it in her ear.
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