Severus Snape (severed_one) wrote in __lightning__,
Severus Snape

Severus and Ginevra -- The Goddess Gallery -- Complete

Jealousy is that pain which a man feels from the apprehension
that he is not equally beloved by the person whom he entirely loves.
~ Joseph Addison

Monday, July 10th -- Early Evening

He'd stayed away the entire weekend, needing the time to come to grips with the chaotic emotions eating at him from the inside. Some were familiar like the anger, but others... He was jealous and unsure of his place in Ginevra's life and that bothered him more than he wanted to admit.

Which only served to fuel his anger all the more.

It was early evening when he slipped through the door of Ginevra's gallery. The Goddess Gallery. Her choice of name was the only thing that had managed to please him in days, but even that was not enough to break through the layer of ice that had grown around his heart.
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