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Seamus Finnigan

Seamus, King Finvar & Aeval - The Park - Complete

Even I can be wary, sometimes. No, really!
Thursday, July 6th - Early Morning

It was good to be back home. Seamus was actually glad to be back in Hogsmeade, because, as exciting as Ireland could be, nothing beat a real bed, a roof above his head and a real bathroom.

After taking a good long shower, he'd decided to take a walk and see if anything new had happened while he was gone.

He found himself heading towards the park, as if a few weeks in Ireland's deep forests hadn't quenched his love for nature. Whistling merrily, he walked aimlessly until he noticed two strange looking people. Is there a carnival, these days, or something? And what are they doing next to the well?

His curiosity pushed him and he walked briskly towards them, something nagging in the back of his mind. The closer he got, the familiar they became, even if familiar probably wasn't the right word for it.

"Morning," he called out as he approached them.
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