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The Court of the Most High King and Queen of Fae

Arthur and Aeval |*| The Three Broomsticks |*| Complete

Every man is a fool in some man's opinion.

~ Spanish proverb

Tuesday, July 4th |*| Early Evening

It was rare for Aeval to leave the faerie camp. Rarer still for her to leave unaccompanied. It was no secret to her that even after all these years Vasily still felt the need to keep an eye upon her.

Thankfully he was busy elsewhere this eve and Aeval decided now was the perfect time to explore.

Heads turned as she walked down the streets, but not as many as she would have expected. Perhaps their presence was becoming less of an oddity to the townsfolk?

Her attention was caught by a hound resting in an alleyway. It was unlike the hunting animals they used back home, smaller and covered in fluff. Aeval approached slowly and smiled as the ball of fur near its back began to wag. Suddenly it darted away and she followed, losing sight of it when the alleyway opened up. There were doors back here and Aeval's curiosity had her reaching toward one when it opened on its own and an older gentleman came out.

"Good evening." She curtsied, lowering her gaze demurely.
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