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Ginny & King Finvar ~ Goddess Gallery ~ Complete

Lead us not into temptation.
Just tell us where it is; we'll find it.
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 ~ Afternoon

It was too soon to be buried in cardboard again. Moving from France, moving to the new flat, moving into the studio space at The Phoenix, packing up the studio space at The Phoenix, and now into the new gallery and studio downtown.

I don't care if the place ends up being infested with doxies, I'll get them miniature easels and teach them to paint, but I'm not bloody moving again.

Ginny had sealed up the front of the building, locking the front door and darkening the front windows to keep curious onlookers from finding out what the space was destined for. For some reason, she wanted this to be hers and only hers for a bit longer yet. She hadn't even told Severus or her family about it. People knew she'd left The Phoenix, but the only ones to know about this space were Ginny, Draco (being he owned the building), and...Finvar.

Ginny caught herself smiling as eyes shifted to where they'd shared that brief moment. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes at herself, she turned and focused on the box in front of her.

You'd think I was a first year with a crush. It's just been too long since I've seen Severus...that's all this is.
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