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Rose Zeller

Charlie and Rose -- Owl Post and Un Peu de Ciel -- Incomplete

I Didn't Really Forget
Saturday, July 1st -- Early Evening

On Rose's day off, she had relaxed with a book, in bed then in the bath and now in her "comfy chair" and her mind only drifted to Viktor a few times. Of cours,e she didn't want to admit that those few times had her staring off into space for awhile until she realized she was brooding and she would shake it off.

Having a sudden chocolate craving, Rose went to the kitchen and took down the chocolate biscuit tin. Taking a bite, Rose smiled when she remembered how her and Charlie had that little race she started to find the chocolate first.

It was then that she remembered -- Charlie Weasley still owed her dinner. Dinner with someone would be nice. Get my mind off things.

Dear Charlie,

How have you been? It's me, Rose Zeller, hope you remember me because you do happen to still owe me dinner. Well, I'm free tonight, and yes I'm dropping major hints... Do you remember how to get to Un Peu de Ciel?

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