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Daphne and Harry ~*~ His House ~*~ Mature Audiences ~*~ Complete

Dinner and a Movie
Sunday, September 11th ~*~ Evening

Once again packing her basket - this time with carefully measured out and contained ingredients to make a small and simple five course meal - Daphne couldn't help feeling a bit like Little Red Riding Hood about to run into the Big Bad Wolf.

She left the basket with her hostess, Becky, and ducked into her office to change into a pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt. If they were going to be riding on that bike again then Daphne wanted to be prepared. At five o'clock on the nose she emerged, still trying to tame her hair which wasn't cooperating in the least.

I'm excited about the chance to cook in Harry's kitchen, not about seeing Harry again. He's a great guy, but way out of my league. He's going to realize that very shortly, I'm sure, and then I'll be just one of the guys. Which will be fine. I'm used to that, I can handle being one of the guys. Have lots of experience at it. We'll sit around playing poker and he'll tell me about his latest girlfriend and I'll remind him to get her flowers or chocolates once in a while just because and we'll both forget I'm even a girl.

"Gee. I can hardly wait," Daphne mumbled under her breath, sounding more than a little bitter.
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