Ron Weasley (roonil_w_azlib) wrote in __lightning__,
Ron Weasley

Stigg and Ron -- Ron's Quidditch Supplies -- Complete

Working Hard, Really
June 30th, Friday -- Afternoon

With the new visitors, Ron was making sure everything on display was shining and looking very professional. He was always rather proud of what he had done with his shop, how great it looked and made all the kids drool.

After that morning, having a just a handful of customers, Ron was bringing out some of the older supplies from the storage room and setting them on his counter.

I really need to have a sale... not an early bird sale because that means I have to get up early... Maybe a clearance sale and I dedicate that little section to all of my older models. Yeah... and a Help Wanted sign. I'm sick of working alone.

Ron was off into his Happy Place while thinking of new things to do with his shop.
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