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Mundungus Fletcher

Bellatrix, Croaker, Daphne and Dung -- The Shrieking Shack - Complete

In the Pale Moonlight
Thursday, June 29th -- Near Midnight

Dung was justifiably uneasy. He was not looking forward to sending this owl, and part of him rather hoped the missive would get lost and never be answered.

Mrs. Lestrange,

I represent a client who has acquired something that may be of value to you. Please find a sample enclosed. I have not seen what was in that vial and I hope to Merlin that I never do, please do not hurt me.

If you are interested in acquiring the rest, my client will gladly accommodate you, asking only a favor in return.

Midnight at the Shrieking Shack. Come alone. Please. Although I don't see how you'll be any less dangerous alone, but I'm just writing what I'm told.


He included a small vial filled with silver sludge, one of the memories that Croaker had pulled out of his head and that Miss Daphne had been so disgusted to see.
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