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Buford Croaker

Croaker, Daphne and Dung -- London, Daphne's Flat -- Complete

Dance with the Devil
Thursday, June 29th -- Evening

The end of his cigar was stubbed out against the brick of Daphne's building. She had been hesitant to agree to let him meet her at her flat for their dinner but Croaker had poured on the charm, using his former job as proof of his trustworthiness. To London for dinner, a stroll through the streets and then back to her place for a night cap, he thought with a cunning smile. Little Miss Daphne won't have a clue what hit her.

She was waiting at the door when he knocked and laughed self-consciously. Eager thing.

Croaker enjoyed wrapping his arm around Daphne's waist to Apparate them.
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