Draco Malfoy (sneering_malfoy) wrote in __lightning__,
Draco Malfoy

Draco, Vasily and Finvar ~ Hogsmeade - Draco's Penthouse - Fae Camp ~ Complete

I Generally Avoid Temptation Unless I Can't Resist It.
- Mae West
Wednesday, June 28th ~ Afternoon

Ever since Greg's birthday party, Draco had been meaning to get out and find some more of the denims he had worn - the way they fit and showcased men's assets was positively sinful but who had known they were so comfortable? Well - besides Scarhead - but his opinion hardly counted when it came to fashion.

He had just cleared one shop - he was determined to get a pair in every style he could find - he couldn't be seen in the same - or damn near same - ones too close together, and was pondering which shop to attack next. Or there was down the street for ice cream - he could really use an ice cream....
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