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Ginny and Finvar ~ Hogsmeade ~ Complete

When all is said and done,
And I've tasted all there is,
Of what possible use is eternity,
But to lend boredom to my days.
Tuesday, June 27th ~ Afternoon

Leaving Vasily to do his own type of scouting, Finvar had wandered into the village. Aeval and Stigg were left behind to entertain the Queen and while that worried a back corner of his mind, Finvar also knew the Queen would do nothing to risk gaining the throne of Summer in truth.

He desired to obtain a 'feel' for the creatures living here. Mortals were mortals, but these used magic much as his own kind did. The Unseelie had never been given the boon of contact with the magical mortals as the Seelie were quite jealous of that right.

Finvar's eyes narrowed in thought and he wondered if the magical ones gave Summer the final advantage when it came to the division of the seasons. True, they were unskilled enough to use sticks manufactured into some type of servant in order to channel it, but they were fresh and after eons of nothing but the Fae... It was very tempting indeed to try and determine old secrets, tactics used in battles long over.

The thoughts of war and conquest were interrupted when his gaze fell upon a comely creature peering into one of their buildings. Pausing, he glanced around to see if any other of her ilk were around that might take exception to his approach. She was small, but the bright fire of her hair drew his interest.

Is there a fire inside to match that on your head, little one?

Walking closer, stealthy in his stride, Finvar took care not to throw a warning shadow as he moved up behind her.

"Are you unable to enter your dwelling? My willingness to assist is at your disposal."
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