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Ron Weasley

Ginny and Ron -- The Phoenix -- Incomplete

No Really, I Am Helpful
Tuesday, June 27th -- Early morning just after midnight

Ginny had sent Ron a letter asking for his help to move her things out of The Phoenix and despite it being late, or early morning however you looked at it, he went out to help her as soon as he got the letter. She had told him in the letter that she didn't want to be near Snape and Ron could understand that, after all he wouldn't want to be near Snape either.

Standing in the doorway, Ron looked around the room for a moment with a frown before stepping in. "Even though we're family and see each other a lot, maybe more that we might want to, I'm sorry you're leaving The Phoenix."

Ron shrugged and then said with a smile, just because he hated being so serious and sentimental, "Hi, by the way. I'm here to help and be useful."
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