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Monday, June 26th ~ Mid-Morning

The desk was huge, what anyone ever did with a desk this size she could not begin to imagine. As it stood she had only one picture to fill in the empty space on the massive piece of furniture before her. It was of her, Gabby, and their mother a couple of years back. Before Gabrielle had moved to England, after Fleur's heart had been broken, and when neither of them had ever dreamed they'd at some point in their lives be engaged to the same man.

There was another picture she had brought from her desk in France, but it was tucked back into the recesses of the desk drawers. Only to be removed in times of nostalgia; when memories were not enough.

Times like now.

The picture had been taken at the Burrow. They stood out front of the garden smiling. She was young, her eyes sparkled with mischief, excitement, and love, when she looked at the man beside her. He was tall, dark and handsome, like the fabled knight that rescued the damsel in distress.

They looked as if they never doubted for a second they would spend eternity just like that.

Just after the flash lit the picture he turned to scoop her up into his arms, spinning her around, and she beamed, playfully trying to escape. She sighed softly as she watched the picture magically replay the scene; trying to remember what it had felt like.
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