Remus Lupin (lycaon_wolf) wrote in __lightning__,
Remus Lupin

Daphne, Harry, Izabel, Remus and Sirius || Glen Hollow || Complete

Making a list/Find the cost of opportunity
Sunday, June 25 || Afternoon

"Don't look like that. Even if they can't figure it out, it doesn't mean you won't on your own. I know who'd I'd put my money on."

"Gah! No licking — you want that extra roast we agreed on, or not?"

"Hey, if it were up to me you'd get a seat at the table, but there it is. We have a deal, right? Shake on it."

"Oh, I'm so getting you back for that."
Tags: daphne_greengrass, harry_potter, izabel_sinistra, remus_lupin, sirius_black
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