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Severus Snape

Severus and Vera -- Owls -- Complete

I expected more from you.
Saturday, June 24th -- Afternoon

Ms. Vector,

As you have probably deduced, I am sending this missive to inform you of your standing in my class at the Phoenix. Your spell mastery and form were not exceptional, but you had shown marked improvement over the course of the term and I would have estimated that you belonged in the upper half of the class.

Until the point where you exhibited such utter disregard for your own personal safety as well as that of a mutual friend, I would have recommended that you continue your education in a more advanced class next term.

Speaking as your instructor, I take no pleasure in informing you that you have failed the course and that I am recommending that any attempt to retake it be allowed with the utmost of caution.

Speaking as Severus Snape, your former colleague and general suspicious git, I can't help but wonder if completing the course was ever your intention. I suspect that you only took my classes in an effort to learn enough to facilitate your quest for an early death; a theory that irritates me considerably for I do not enjoy being used. If that was your true motive, then I doubt this letter holds any interest for you and I shall bring it to a close.

Professor Severus Snape
The Phoenix
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