Gabrielle Delacour (gabrielle_d) wrote in __lightning__,
Gabrielle Delacour

Gabrielle, Fleur and Bill ~ Un Peu de Ciel ~ Complete

There She Stumbles
Falling To Her Knees
I Think She Tripped On Reality

Friday, June 23rd ~ Evening

Gabrielle was nervous. No - this went beyond nervous. Where usually she'd be a babbling wreck, now she was sitting there silent, afraid to open her mouth. Looking at the man that had just sat down across from her, she bit her lip and checked her watch for the fifteenth time.

You have to tell him why he had to meet you here. It's too close for him to bolt now. Tell him!

Gabrielle pasted a smile on her face and opened her mouth. "Bread?" she asked helplessly, holding the basket out to him.

No! Not right!
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