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Rose and Viktor -- Hogwarts and Owl Post -- Complete

Honey, I'm Home
Thursday, June 22 -- Early Afternoon

Rose had slept in her first day back and wished she hadn't as she had gotten out of that habit when she was visitng her parents, but then she hadn't been to a party while at her parents had she? So it was okay.

What wasn't okay, she was sure, was that she still hadn't gone to see Viktor. Rose had rather hoped to see him last night and then she had gotten distracted by a party and dancing which was something she wouldn't want to admit to Viktor considering how much she had missed him. She didn't want to do any damage to his ego either.

Going for a walk, she knew she owed Hagrid a visit and to see how the animals were doing. She should probably to go talk to Daphne and get back into her work schedule as well, but she had something on her mind; Viktor.

Making it to his quarters, Rose knocked on his door and waited a bit before knocking a second time. A minute passed and she knew he would have answered already if he was there. Where else would he be? Nibbling on her bottom lip, her mind began imagining up all sorts of horrible things. No, Izabel or Remus would have at least told me if something had happened to him.

Draco's words from the night before were still bugging her and she knew how fake and extremely lame it was for her to believe her owls weren't being delivered. Like I thought last night, he's been busy with the students and maybe he's visiting a friend or... dammit I don't know.

Rose started on her way back to her flat with a walk that was a bit slower than when she had left to Hogwarts. Looking over at Hagrid's hut, Rose sighed and shoved her hands in her pockets, kicking at a stone and deciding she would put off seeing anymore people for just a little while longer. Which was exactly what she didn't want to do.
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