Bill and Tonks :: Bill's cabin :: Complete

Senses working overtime
Trying to taste the difference,
'tween a lemon and a lime,
Pain and the pleasure,
And the church bells softly chime.
Monday, July 30 :: Early evening

Benefit of being the new boss: Playing hooky was completely without risk.

Penalty of being the boss: Taking off early came after a couple of days working overtime with the new recruits and trying to get the Station back to a semi-useful state after a couple years of neglect.

A few stores in Hogsmeade and London should have been delighted with the orders Tonks had made to restock the storerooms. The Station's budget overage had been approved right off, which was just as well; as it was Tonks was supremely proud of her determination that no matter what, she would not be asking the Minister what pet project the funds that should have been spent on Hogsmeade Station all along had gone to when she encountered him at Wilson's funeral service Thursday morning.

Scrimegour was Shacklebolt's project, not hers, although she'd help if she could. More importantly, the town was in her hands now.

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Colin and Anne ~ Anne's Office ~ Incomplete

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.
Wednesday, July 25th - Afternoon

He'd been held for questioning for a few days, something Colin didn't blame anyone for. Someone had made sure a Healer from St. Mungo's had looked in on him, and that he was treated alright - he suspected it might have been Auror Tonks who had been responsible for that.

"Under the influence of a magical creature, not responsible for his actions" was the final verdict.

Colin wasn't sure he'd agreed with it, really. If he wasn't responsible for what he'd done, he didn't know who was. It was his fault he'd fallen into Rose's hands, and ultimately into the clutches of the Master vampire. That had to make him responsible for something, surely?

He'd avoided Izabel and Remus since his release, staying hidden away in his rooms at the castle as much as possible and letting one of the house-elves bring him meals. At some point he was going to have to find them and apologize and hope they could eventually forgive him, but he wasn't ready for that yet.

Instead, he slipped out of the castle and hurried down the lane into Hogsmeade, searching for the office of Anne Perks. Maybe if he talked it over with someone who wasn't involved, who he hadn't hurt, maybe it would make more sense.

Daphne and Harry - Glen Hollow - Incomplete

You can never go back, but sometimes it's so hard to go forward.
Sunday, July 22nd - Late Afternoon

Since she and Harry had come home from the events of Friday night, Daphne had refused to leave Glen Hollow. For the most part she remained in bed, curled up on her side of the mattress, buried beneath the covers and clutching a pillow.

Guilt, sadness and fear ate at her. How had she missed the signs? How could she have let Rose down so badly? And the others? How many had been hurt because of her, because of something she should have noticed?

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Group thread :: Various :: Incomplete

How did you survive all those fires and floods?
Saturday, July 21 :: Afternoon

Not too long ago Tonks wanted more than anything to get into this room. She wasn't a stickler for order or anything, but the state of Wilson's office went past a bit mussed into an outright detriment to anything they wanted to do.

He'd even had charms put on so the paper-airplane memos she sent never made it to him; they flew off to who knew where.

Nothing to keep her out of the supervisor's office now, though.

Tonks had made a couple of borderline-insubordinate comments this morning when Kingsley, who'd come up from London himself to direct the aftermath of last night's debacle, had suggested she go home and get some sleep after the initial interview were over.

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Breaking News
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WWN - Emergency Broadcast

Are We Safe?
Friday, July 20th - Nearing Midnight

An official sounding voice interrupts a gentle instrumental ballad. "Ezekiel Brunderbluss here with an update on the breaking news in Hogsmeade. Once again, years after Who-Know-Who was finally defeated, there have been confirmed sightings of Inferi roaming the streets. While officials continue to diligently work to clear the streets, all citizens are urged to remain safely behind locked doors, and to board up their windows if possible. The Ministry wishes to reassure everyone that they are dealing with the infestation as I speak, and we will be alerted once the all clear is given."

An audible shuffling of papers, and Ezekiel clears his throat. "We've been unable to contact anyone at the Hogsmeade Auror's station for an official statement; however, a source in the Ministry who wishes to remain anonymous has told one of our reporters that there may have been vampiric activity involved. If you remember over a year and a half ago the WWN brought you news of vampire warnings and possible vigilante reactions in the same Hogsmeade area. One might wonder if those reports are some how related to tonight's events."

A door opens, and yet more paper shuffling is heard.

"We have confirmed three fatalities, the identities of the dead have not been released at this time. Many more injured; however, the numbers are surprisingly low considering the estimated number of Inferi involved. Unconfirmed eyewitness reports have mentioned that people were trapped in the Auror Station - which could account for why we've been unable to contact senior Auror Wilson as of yet. A large number of the civilian force that decimated the fiends before officials arrived seemed to have come from the Three Broomsticks, which had been closed for a private function."

"Please stay tuned to the WWN for more details as they come in."
scruffy smile

Daphne and Harry ~ Glen Hollow ~ Complete

The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.
~ Alan Patrick Herbert
Sunday, July 15th ~ Afternoon

Harry was in a mischievous mood and Daphne was the only target to take it out on since Dobby had taken off early that morning. Putting the guest list down for the surprise bachelor party they were throwing for Remus on the kitchen table, he looked over at his wife and grinned while taking a seat.

"Do you think one female exotic dancer is enough to embarrass the socks off of Remus or do you think we should get two? Maybe one of each, since Draco will be there would be better?"

Anne, Tonks, Severus and Arthur ~ The Three Broomsticks ~ Complete

The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.
~ George Eliot
Friday, July 13th ~ Evening

Getting a Dear Anne owl from someone you'd already decided not to see romantically any longer shouldn't have made her angry - but it did. Anne just needed to figure out why.

I need some mental lubrication to help me get to the bottom of this. I'm not on any medication any longer - so it's past time to get a bit tipsy, Anne decided while closing the door to her office and heading down the street. Since Charlie had apparently gone back to Romania, the Sticks was once again on her list of places she could go without running into him.

Opening the door, she looked around before shrugging and taking a seat at an empty table with her back to the bar. If Charlie's ghost passed by at some point, she didn't want to see it while sober. It was early yet and the place hadn't started to fill up, but since it was Friday it probably wouldn't be too long before it was standing room only. Georgette took her order for a glass of wine and a sandwich because Anne didn't want to get too tipsy, too quickly.

Bill and Tonks • Her flat and Un Peu De Ciel • Complete

If you could save me
From the ranks of the freaks
Who suspect they could never love anyone
Thursday, July 12 • Evening

Nymphadora Tonks had argued with herself all day.

You know you're going to throw yourself into this and be in over your head before you know it. Why not go slow this time? Because it's Bill, and I know him and ... What if he's just being gentlemanly and "sure, I'm interested in you" because of the moon and now it's "oops, I seem to have spent all night shagging you, so the polite thing to do is go for a bite to eat"? ... How about you stop worrying and just have some fun? Because that's what got me in trouble last time. ... Yeah, but we're both older now, smarter, and we're not going to end up not-friends over this.

All in all, dwelling over Bill, what had happened and what might happen if things went well tonight was definitely more interesting than spending all day worrying about the inquiry, which had gone surprisingly OK if "saying exactly what you thought and maybe torpedoing your career again, but pfft, this time you didn't do anything at all wrong, so suck it, Scrimmy" was going OK.

So Tonks was chuffed by the time she got home to get ready, her customary optimism in place. Heck, even the charms to keep her stocking seams up and straight seemed to be working, which was a minor miracle in and of itself.

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Draco and Philip ~ London ~ Complete

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
-Carl G. Jung
Wednesday, July 11th ~ Afternoon

Draco had been bothered since his party by recollections of this 'Philip Parish'. Had the resemblance really been that strong, or had he drank a bit more than he had thought at that point? There had definitely been drinking after the man had left...

Common opinion seemed to be that the man really had looked like Vasily - but again, the drinking. Draco vaguely recalled the stand-off and obtaining confirmation that it wasn't him - along with something else.

Parish had mentioned developing Hogsmeade. Which, Draco assured himself as he brushed by the protesting assistant and into the man's office, was why he was here. As a concerned citizen and major property holder. Not to 'confirm identity' again. Right.

Bill and Tonks ~ Owls ~ Complete

I said I'd write.
Tuesday, July 10th ~ Evening


I was detained a bit longer than I'd hoped expected. Nothing serious, no one in hospital or anything, just some red tape that had to be dealt with.

My bosses were dead set on a certain item being shipped to their vaults, and their Egyptian counter-parts were equally set on it going to theirs, and I was stuck in the middle since I was the only one at the time capable of moving the bloody thing without setting off at least three curses and a hex that would have done some nasty things.

But enough about business. Let's talk about pleasure.

I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but if you have a free day this week, or this weekend or whenever, I'm really not that picky, just desperate, and I'm so scratching that out. let me know and we can do that date thing.

- Stretch.