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I'm liberated looking in her eyes...

I can't believe it, no, I can't believe she's mine.

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a multi-fandom graphics community
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A . M U L T I - F A N D O M . G R A P H I C S . C O M M U N I T Y


♥ This community is for MEMBERS ONLY. That means you have to join in order to be able to see the icons.
♥ When taking an icon or graphic, please comment and let the maker know what you're taking on the particular entry that you're taking it from.
♥ It is imperative that you credit the icon maker (this is preferrable) or at least __liberated in the keywords when you take an icon so that other people can find where you got it.
♥ Please, DO NOT HOTLINK. Photobucket only allows a certain amount of bandwidth every month, and if you hotlink, it is more than likely that the icon will turn into an ugly "bandwidth exceeded" banner. That's not good for anyone.
♥ We take requests, but do not guarantee that they will be filled in any sort of timely fashion. To make a request, you must join the community, then proceed to THIS ENTRY.


If you have an icon community or journal, and would be interested in affiliating with __liberated, please leave a comment here. Thanks!

The layout currently in use by this community was made by butterflybox.

We may use brushes or textures from any of the following makers:
ohpaintbrush // teh_indy // cdg_brushes // HYBRID-GENESIS // 77words // asphyxiation // heygingersnap // narcissisystem // colorfilter // anoldloveletter // honerbright // regen // myrasis // neke // freshmakers // missymw88icons

Screencaps from:
cap_it // dj_capslock // song2sing

If you see a brush, light, texture, screencap, or whatever that has not been credited here, please let us know. It's very possible that we may have missed something.

All these icons and more can be found in this community, once you JOIN!

You can feel free to put any of these buttons in your userinfo to link __liberated:

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