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Celebrity Boys Crush Journal

oh la la

Celebrity Boys Crush Community
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This journal was started because come on, who doesn't have a crush on these "hotttttt" celebrity boys? So anyways here's the deal:

When you join your first post should consist of this form:

3 favorite movies:
3 favorite bands:
3 (or more) celeb crushes:

Thanks! Also if you'd like you favorite celeb crush added to the intrests section comment!


1. fill out the above form when joining and post it.
2. this community is to post about your celeb crushes. Anything that has to do with them is allowed, (ex: movies coming out, pictures, new music, articles, ect.)
3. use an LJ-CUT if posting more then 3 picture or very large pictures.
4. Graphics are ALWAYS welcomed. ('cause I <3 them)
5. No bashing of other people's taste, it's rude and un-called for, and quite frankly makes people feel bad.
6. promoting of other communities is allowed, but only ONCE.
7. If you want your favorite boy added to the interest e-mail me (nobodysfool125@yahoo.com) and I will be happy to do it!

This community is run by: brody_girl

(**if anyone wants to make a new, better, wall of hot guys, using everyone in the intrests section (and more if you want!) that would be splendid!)

(**note: I did NOT make any of the icons on the wall of hot celebrities)


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