Hey everybody! This is Ed Skudder I just stumbled across this tonight haha I can't express enough how happy this makes me lol! You are all amazing and I'm SOOOOO glad that you liked the movie! :) Wow! hahaha I'm at a loss for words other than this is pretty sweet lol.
Is everyone here regular viewers of Newgrounds then? I'm interested as to how this came about lol.
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High Noon

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Hey, you both know who I am...so....hi!

*walks out to see the carnage of Hank destroying the office* "OH HOLY GOD!"
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New Guy Mood Theme

My friend aggiechan and I collaborated and made a "New Guy" mood theme! =D I hope you guys enjoy it. Now I hope you also realise that a lot of these moods use the same images over and over because...well most of this animation involves people stressing out...and there's like, only a few shots that can be used for the positive emotions...so please er...forgive the lack of variety. But we're proud of it, and we did the best we could (and it's our first attempt at a full mood theme), so please have mercy on us! ^_^;;


Image hosted by Photobucket.com bitchy

Image hosted by Photobucket.com energetic

Image hosted by Photobucket.com nervous

Click here to download

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Comment if taking. Credit to __letmedie when using.

Note: link updated since yousendit expired...so if you wish to download, the link it back up and working again.