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Stamped - So Sorry

I have to apologize for my basically 2 month absence. My computer was hacked on Christmas Day, and my entire system was basically destroyed. I just got my computer fixed today, and hopefully (if this crap doesn't happen again, which I'm praying it doesn't), I should be voting regularly.

I am so sorry for any type of inconvenience this has caused to mods of all the communities I'm in.

*xposted everywhere*

mod//stamed//new rule//pictures!

im sorry ive been a bad mod latley, i didnt have a comp for 2 days, and i havent really been on a lot.

but here are some pictures to make up for being a meanie.

oh yeah

think its time for a new rule.

for every 1 promo, you must promote us to a community, we need more applicants, and it seems we get more promos than we do applications, sorry if you think its unfair, its just the way it goes kids.

i think thats fair.

your gonna grin and bear it ;)Collapse )
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