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1. Name - Steve
2. Age - fifteen
3. Gender - male
4. Location - Hopeless Junkyard(Hopewell Junction), NY
5. Sexual Prefrence - I lika da pusseh
6. Maritual Status - Taken <3


5. Bands [10] - Action Action,Alexisonfire,Brand New,The Early November,MatchBook Romance, Hawthorne Heights,Just Surrender,My American Heart,Panic! At The Disco,Silverstein,Rise Against!
6. Genre of Music - emo/screamo/some hardcore/indie
7. Television shows [3] - SpongeBob Square Pants(cuz he's a sexy man),The Apprentice,Fear Factor
8. Books [3] - Taming Of A Shrew,Holes,Hatchet
9. Movies [3] - Donnie Darko, Butterfly Effect, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose(its really freaky if you havent seen it yet,i suggest you do)
10. Lyrics - I'll show you mine if you show me yours first, let's compare scars,i'll show you whose is worse,let's unwrite these pages and replace them with out own words"


11. If you had one wish what would it be and why? - for you to accept me because i find this to be a rad commun'
12. If you could be a famous musician who would you choose? - Tim Mctaque from UnderOATH! because his voice is awesome and underOATH is my favorite hardcore band eva! 
13. What do you think is the greatest and worst thing about you? Greatest: I'm easy to talk too,and I dont like drama. Worst: I can be kind of annoying at times and I dont think my face(or body for that matter) is at all attractive

Your Oppinions On ...

14. War - I honestly think there is/are better ways to end conflicts,instead of jumping to war. Violence is not the answer.
15. Drugs, Alcohol, and sXe - I dont do drugs,I dont drink alcohol, I guess you could say I'm sXe. I wasn't always though,I recently(four months ago) quit smoking. I'm proud of who i am, and my body(although i don't really like it) I have to take care of it.
16. Gay Marriages - I know atleast 2 gay guys, a couple lesbians,and alot of bi boys and girls. I'm use to it. It doesn't bother me and if America was really equal and fair, Bush would not illegalize Gay Marriage. You can't control who you love, it just happens
17. "Scenesters" - scenesters are a bunch of sticks if you know what i mean. They try to hard to be something they're not.

More Inquiries

18. Where did you hear about this community? - I forgot which band i looked up. But I searched interests under some band and you're name came up and i was like thats chill. so i decided to join and apply. Hopefully I'll get accepted =)
20. Why are you Legit? - I haven't a clue.
21. List where you promoted or else your application will not even be concidered. - I am applying for another community,the majority said yes. I'm still waiting to get stamped. if I'm accepted I'll be promoting in my livejournal =  ___riseagainst  and in __emocore</span>

Photos at the least ...

Clear face shots [3] Ugh I hate picture rating communities. I hate not having a digital camera. FUCK!. umm can i get back to you on this part. I'm saving up and when i get anough money i'll get me a nice little digital camera and take plenty of pics. I swear!
Body shot [1] ^^ same answer

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