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i think i'm legit :]



1. Name - Lica [lee-ka]
2. Age - 15 or so
3. Gender - Female
4. Location - Eastern ... Michigan
5. Sexual Prefrence - straight..
6. Maritual Status - i'm single.


5. Bands [10] - tilly and the wall, eisley, rilo kiley, bright eyes, the decemberists, ima robot, the postal service, the arcade fire, hellogoodbye, death cab for cutie, and etc.
6. Genre of Music - indie, indie-folk, acoustic, experimental
7. Television shows [3] - Degrassi, ER, The O.C.
8. Books [3] - The Perks of Being a Wallflower, To Kill a Mockingbird, Echo
9. Movies [3] - The Battle of Shaker Heights, Shakespeare in Love, Zoolander
10. Lyrics -i could have been a famous singer, if i had someone else's voice. but failure's always sounded better. let's fuck it up boys; make some noise.  -- bright eyes : road to joy


11. If you had one wish what would it be and why? - to go back and change the things i regret in life
12. If you could be a famous musician who would you choose? - joni mitchell or karen carpenter
13. What do you think is the greatest and worst thing about you?- greatest? i'm really friendly and i have a good sense of humor. my worst thing... i'm indecisive, maybe.

Your Opinions On ...

14. War - i really don't have much of an opinion of war because i don't really know anyone in the military, and i don't know much about politics.  i believe that war shouldn't go on as much as it does, and especially when innocent people are involved. 
15. Drugs, Alcohol, and sXe - i think that being sXe is kind of like... kids, who want to abstain from illegal matters and lots of sex. an excuse almost, for when things like drugs and alcohol are offered.
16. Gay Marriages - i really don't know about this one.  i mean, it says that homosexuality is wrong, but i don't understand how someone could "choose" to be gay.  it's not like someone wakes up and says "well, i'm thinking about becoming gay today." 
17. "Scenesters" - aha.  the modern beatnik, in a way. 

More Inquiries

18. Where did you hear about this community? - i looked up interests on "saddle creek" or "saddle creek records"
20. Why are you Legit? - i know how it is. i'm not fake or anything.
21. List where you promoted or else your application will not even be concidered. - and

Photos at the least ...
Clear face shots [3]  

Body shot [1]


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