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A New Forum for Debate and Discussion

I know this might sound a bit off topic, but it isn't. So continue reading.
I have created a new community called heated_debate. The purpose of this community is to allow a place for people to come debate and discuss whatever they want in whatever manner they see fit without having to worry about either being banned by a childish moderator or being censored by others.
This whole thing got started when I was banned from almost every Star Wars community for Disagreeing with a moderator. Not for breaking rules. Not for trolling. Simply for having a different opinion about George Lucas.
I am sick of this crap.
I have had tons of friends banned from anime, religion, trek, and just about every other kind of community.
In heated_debate I hope to get as many fellow nerds and thinkers together as possible so we can discuss subjects of common interest in a forum without fear of censorship. I know I do not have a whole lot of topics up right now, but I am still trying to get people to come join.
Anyway, please join if you are interested. I would love to get some sci-fi or generally nerdish threads up and running.

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Wow I have had no time anymore to post on this thing.... Don't you hate when life gets busy and you don't have time to be a Lamer anymore?
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Add me if...

I'd like to invite everyone to add me to their friends list if you like the following...

Batman, Star Wars, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, Grunge, Dungeons & Dragons, text-based RPGs, Table-top RPGs, Darth Vader, Kurt Cobain, Poetry, Fantasy, and anything related.
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What games are ya'll looking forward to?
List your favs, and predictions!

I personally am waiting for...

Half-Life 2
SWG: Jump to Lightspeed
SW: Battlefront
Black & White 2
The Movies

Although now I need $400 for a Radeon x800, blah! Blast computer technology and its upgrade speed!

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Username: Socially_Spayed

Name: Patrick

Age: 19

Location: Vancouver, B.C. (abbr. blunt central)

Occupation: Alcoholic pity whore

Level of Lameness: Blue power ranger (The first one... Billy, duh!)

Lame Qualities: SW and a little bit of a ST nerd. Intensive yearns to live in the SW universe. I like cartoons... a lot. O_O (Enter Wonder Woman fantasy) Computer nerd and rabid "correct spelling and grammer freak". Lack of sexual contact with females. Life goals - Trip out on shrooms outside the planetarium, lay down in the grass and look at the clouds whilst listening to Dark Side of the Moon. - Find a way to have Lucid dreams where I can have sex with Chun Li. :)

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