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umm im kate and i love KURT COBAIN and Nirvana for life! lol i really want the boxset and the Kurt Cobain journal!! lol
he still is alive in every person who listens to his music and feels for him and expands their minds!


so, uh i guess it is pretty damn quiet around here....but im a big fan of kurt cobain so i thought i would join heavier than heaven/kurt is god anyway.
so his music is really good and it should be like some sort of religion to worship kurt.

-It's better to burn out, then to fade away...
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hmmm heres my opinion

So why do you guys let these loser fucks post spam and shit against kurt? someone needs to take control of the community and kick those punks off or at the least not let them post.. have some pre-screening or something.. >=| at least out of respect for a great artist.. i'm disapointed
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