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Come as you are. Sorry. And for the fact of the matter, all the people out there that think Kurt's death was from murder are probably wrong. Kurt was given the wrong kind of Ritalin as a child as many were in the 70's which he got addicted to, which later lead to his drug abuse. Kurt's heroin abuse was used for "medical purposes" for his chronic stomach problems, which doctors could not diagnose or take care of, they thought it was a stomach ulcer caused by stress, which was wrong. Kurt also was "half" maninic depressive. For half the day he was either manic, or atleast pessimistic. With the pressure of the band put on Kurt (which at the time he did not want anything to do with the band) his manic depressiveness, and his heroin abuse/stomach problems it is inevitable that he took his own life. As much as I love Kurt, I know this too be true. But is it not eironic that the day he commited suicide the Andy Griffith show that day was titled "Nirvana"?
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