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Alright Alright.....

I'm really excited about this community, I've been searching for a good Kurt community for awhile and I am please with this one.

So here's my introduction:

My name is Megan, but I'm never called that. I get Mojo for the most part. I'm 18, I'm going to school at the Evergreen State College next year, and I'm stoked. Funny fact about why I applied there: I read about how Nirvana had their first performance at a dorm party there and so I decided to apply, and now I'm going there.
Kurt Cobain was my second love! Jim Morrison came first. However from the first day I heard Kurt's voice and all the way until now, I have been utterly enthralled by every aspect of the man that is KURT DONALD COBAIN. I'm always interested in talking about ANYTHING, I have an utter desire for music is kind of gone beyond love because I can't seem to live without it.
So I'm a pretty crazy kid, I do some really random stuff. If you want to see what I'm talking about, you can friend me and laugh along and my picture posts of my funny times.

Here are my pics!

^Me and my friend Chinner on Halloween, he was Kurt, I thought this pic would be appropriate!

^Me after camping in below freezing weather, I'm doing this really funny "Yeah"

^Me and my cast!

I figured you guys may be able to appreciate this. I wrote this comment to a friend on the subject of people that turn musicians into these immortal beings:
It sucks that fans are able to transform their favorite musicians into the demigod mold. I know that I have always tried to learn as much as I could about musicians that I love. I don't see a point in listening to the music unless you know where the music is coming from and why. But I've also never tried to make my favorite artists into this immortal being of pure ecstasy.

I think that Kurt Cobain is everything good music stands for. Kurt was real, he was a real guy, no masks or anything. He accepted who he was, and told the those who hated him to fuck off. He wrote what he felt, and did what he wanted. He knew that he wasn't an amazing guitarist, but he didn't care because he knew that he was still going to get the message across with or without a mind blowing guitar riff. And even though a lot of people would like to say that he is a shitty guitarist, it isn't true because without the guitar the songs wouldn't have been as powerful, and that's exactly what Kurt's music is-powerful. He never let the business take over him or his music. He was a strong guy. And I'm not even going to go into his death because there is no right or wrong answer to how he died. He fits every aspect of an empowered musician and he deserved every bit of happiness and success that came from his music.

I really just think that knowing a musician as a person should only be a reason to love the music more, and not to try and categorize the person. It doesn't seem like a musician should be categorized for their personal life when the music they are making is what they want to be noticed.
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